Itinerary : Final resting place of a host of French notables, as well as some illustrious foreigners, Père-Lachaise is one of the world’s largest and most famous cemetery known as  » the city of the dead ». It is surely also one of the most atmospheric cemeteries, an eerily beautiful haven with terraced slopes and magnificient old trees.  Sited on a hill on the east side of Paris, it was opened in 1804 and turned out to be an incredibly succesful piece of land speculation. Nicolas Frochot, the urban planner who bought the land, persuaded the civil authorities to have Molière and La Fontaine reburied in his new cemetery.

Most of the celebrated dead have unremarkable tombs

With your guide you will learn about their lives

Finding individual graves can be a tricky business. Stroll with your guide and see you inside the show you all the

Be sure to pack : your favorite walking shoes


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