On this half-day tour, you will enjoy a private visit of the Louvre, the most famous museum in the world. Your guide will share with you his knowledge and experience, and lead you to the best places in the museum. This introductory tour is the best option for a first visit, since it gives you an overview of the Museum’s most famous works.

Introduction to the biggest Museum in the World :

After meeting your guide near the museum, you will begin your tour with the discovery of the Glass Pyramid commissioned by the President of France François Mitterrand in 1984 and designed by the chinese american architect I. M. Pei. Your guide will qive you a complete introduction under the glass pyramid and you will then discuss with him your wishes for the tour. He will create a personalised itinerary for you, catering to your desires. Our guide loves to take some time before starting the tour, in order to better understand your expectations. Thanks to your guide, you will skip the long lines at the Museum’s entrance and you will see all the highlights of the Louvre.

The Medieval Fortress :

Then, you will follow your guide in the Sully Entrance with the discovery of the foundations of the Medieval Louvre discovered in 1984. More than eight hundred years ago, the French King, Philippe Auguste, ordered the construction of the Louvre stronghold on the right bank of the River Seine. The Louvre, which began life as a military fortress, was soon turned into a luxurious royal residence by King Charles V and his successors.

The Residence of the French Kings until 1682 :

Explore the residence of the French Kings and discover the Henri II staircase, the Renaissance Salle des Caryatides on the ground floor before entering the splendid Apollo GalleryArchitectural work was entrusted to Louis Le Vau, who carried out reconstruction activities between 1661 and 1663, while Charles Le Brun was assigned responsibility for decorations by Colbert. The sculptor François Girardon was responsible for the stucco sculptures. This was the first Royal Gallery for Louis XIV, which served as a model for the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles.

 A museum since 1793 :

It is now time to enjoy the Greek section where you will see the Venus de Milo, and some original sculptures of the Parthenon. Following this, you will discover the Victory of Samothrace, the frescoes of Botticelli, the Wedding at Cana by Veronese, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Coronation of Napoleon by David, the Raft of the Medusa by Géricault, the Liberty leading the People by Delacroix, the Michelangelo’s slaves and Psyche revived by Cupid’s kiss by Antonio Canova.

Tour ends at the museum. Tickets to the museum are not included.


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