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11796267_10204764854665883_8745366432855868484_nIt is bordered on the north by the Seine, to the east by the Invalides & Tour Eiffel Quarter, to the south by the Luxembourg Quarter and to the west by the Latin Quarter.  The intellectual center of gravity, of this quartier of bistros, bookshops, coffee-houses, galleries, nightclubs and publishing houses, is at the intersection of rue Bonaparte and boulevard St-Germain.  This is the location of the Café Les Deux Magots [frequented by the writers of the « Lost Generation » of the 20s and 30s, and by the post World War II Existentialists], the Café de Flore and the Brasserie Lipp.

for art lovers there are a number of art galleries in ….exhibiting painting and sculpture works all year round.


St Germain is as famous for its lively night life as for its cultural heritage, and there’s no limit to the entertainment on offer here
Saint Germain des Prés
there is nothing more Parisian than sipping coffee at a terrace . . . in Saint Germain des Prés !
In our beloved cafés, we Parisians like to start new artistic trends, political and philosophical debates … and revolutions!
We’ll tell you where to see and be seen and how to become part of the famous, glamorous and intellectual café society of Saint Germain.
You will learn how to be chic in Paris: it’s not only about fashion, it’s also about being at the right terrace with the right book after having watched the right independent film at the movie theatre down the street!
We’ll push some secret doors and show you the restaurants and bakeries where French celebrities go, famous film locations (Da Vinci Code, Midnight in Paris), art studios and galleries, beautifully preserved courtyards and historical ruins hidden in very odd places….
All with the right attitude: the certified genuine Parisian spirit!




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